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Window of the Sky refers to a group of acupuncture points located on the body where adornments & perfume are worn, such as the head and neck. These points are said to connect individuals to their "purpose" and "true calling." The name was chosen for it's poetic nature and the possibility it suggests.

Founder, Caren Motika is inspired by how people find healing and presence not only through traditional healing modalities but also through art, ritual and adornment. The shop supports this interest by carrying hand-picked, hand-crafted, small production and non-toxic products. In addition to the shop, Window of the Sky is an events space and classroom dedicated to awareness, creativity & positive empowerment.

Caren Motika M.S, L.Ac, holds degrees in design and Traditional Chinese Medicine. She is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist both nationally and in the state of California. Caren has a mind/body practice where she uses tools such as essential oils, flower essences, mineral medicine and biodynamic cranial sacral in addition to acupuncture. She also incorporates archetypes, myth, dreamwork & ritual. She divides her time between Los Angeles, the high-desert and mid-coast Maine creating relationships with local artisans, artists and their healing products and creations. Complete CV.

ph: 323.507.2060


 Christina M Reyes, M.A. is a licensed psychotherapist (CA 91312) and Usui Reiki Master.  As an integrative healer, her approach to treatment is informed by both science and ancient healing practices.  In treatment she favors a cutting edge form of neuro-psychotherapy that uses color and light to radically shift awareness, along with Reiki and unadulterated essential oils to further engage her clients in their totality.  She has a strong foundation in child development, social-emotional development, attachment theory and family dynamics and a well developed understanding of the unconscious mind and hidden memory; all of which play fascinating roles in one’s present state of being.  Christina has supported adults, adolescents, and children with trauma, anxiety, depression, stress, grief, arthritis, IBS, neuropathy, acute and chronic pain, along with a wide range of common and unique presentations. Complete CV.

ph: 323.682.9222




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